Design That Speaks Your Language

When employing an architect to design your new home, extension or renovation in Cornwall it is important that you find someone who can truly cater to your needs.  At Sprout we not only listen but we understand the importance of staying within budget, and with our ongoing experience in the construction industry we have a better understanding of costs than most.  This means that we can consider buildability and cost from the very outset, striking a balance between the space you envisage and the realities of budgeting.
Our architectural team bring an extensive understanding of how to use space effectively, using creative concepts to provide structures which not only fit the brief practically but also produce environments which are inspirational, flooded with natural light and special details.  Although budget is important, we also recognise the personal value of what is achieved in building or improving a home, and that clever design can make mere bricks and mortar transform lives by facilitating the type of lifestyle you want to live.


The Design Process

The first step in the Sprout design process is a visit to your home or our offices for an initial concept meeting, to discuss ideas and the feasibility of your scheme.  Next, Sprout will pull together all the necessary information to produce a concept design, including a measured survey and any relevant information from the local authorities.


If our concept drawings and sketch schemes are to your liking, we will then produce planning drawings to support the planning application that we will wholly manage on your behalf.  We will also produce the building regulation specification and drawings to submit to the local Building Control Department.

A full package of building drawings will be prepared for you to source your own contractors, or if you are choosing to engage Sprout in a Design and Build capacity, we will put together a detailed quotation of building costs and projected scheduling, and then hand over to Sprout Developments to start breaking ground.  

Why Choose A Sprout Design?

Professional Team

Sprout pulls together a full team of design professionals who work together to provide design services, structural engineering, full specification and detailed costings.


Sprout's company ethos of respect, courtesy and consideration towards our clients is taken very seriously.  Progress, budget and timescale is discussed with the client at every stage of the project.

We're Listening

We will listen to your ideas, what you want to achieve, how you will use and live within the space. Our Design Team will create a design which benefits your lifestyle and encompasses your ideas.


We will be creative with our design, ensuring that your space has something a bit special about it, an architectural feature, play of light or ingenious use of space.  We want work with you to create something special that you will love as much as we do

Cost Conscious

Entrusting your biggest asset to a construction company can seem like a scary prospect, but we understand that staying within budget is an essential part of realising your dream house, and will work with you at every stage

Planning Permission

With considerable experience in the regulations surrounding local planning, we are able to advise from the outset with planning permission in mind, and undertake every step of the planning process on your behalf.

Call or email the Sprout team today to set up a meeting with our Design Team or discuss your project futher, we look forward to meeting you.